All participants should make booking directly Flores Marsetic at
Attendance to the conference should be explicitly indicated.


On the island Brijun (Brion) there are three hotels: Neptun-Istra, Karmen and Jurina. The basic rate per a day is for the bed and breakfast. Extra meals can be obtained from the hotel restaurant or a small one in the near vicinity of the hotels. If one wishes to include other meals as part of the accommodation there is an additional charge of 95 HRK per a meal on the hotel bill.

Due to the long-standing good relationship between the organizers of the conference and the authorities of the National Park Brijuni we have accomodation in hotel Jurina (in close proximity of the other hotels) for 20 participants at the reduced rate. This is primarily for those of lesser financial capabilities (e.g. students).

Warning: there is an additional 7 HRK extra charge per day for all guests. This is local tax that goes towards improving general tourist facilities.




Hotel Rates (HRK)
  Neptun-Istra Karmen Jurina
single bedroom 500 350  
double bedroom

410/per pers

615/single use

270/per pers

405/single use

235/per pers.

352/single use


615/per person

922.50/single use