Brijuni island can be reached by boat (sailing time 15 min) from a small town FAZANA (across from the island on the mainland) and from TRIESTE by bus. No cars are taken aboard because they are not allowed on the island (the National Park Brijuni has its own parking space in FAZANA, which is guarded 24 hours). All participants must check-in in FAZANA at the office of the National Park Brijuni. Passengers of the boat from FAZANA are disembarked close (50 m) to the hotel NEPTUN, where is the main reception desk for the hotels NEPTUN, ISTRA and CARMEN (the only hotels on the island, in close proximity of each other). The conference is held in the hotel ISTRA.


There is boat/bus connection from VENICE to FAZANA.

The main city to reach is PULA from where FAZANA is some 5 km away. PULA has international airport with connections to ZAGREB and some European cities (charter flights). From the airport one takes taxi to FAZANA (or on request the National Park Brijuni can provide its own transport service). Alternative is to take a bus to PULA and a bus or taxi to FAZANA.

Busses run daily between TRIESTE and PULA, and ZAGREB and PULA. If travelling by car the fastest connection to central Europe is via TRIESTE ( 112 km TRIESTE-PULA ).