Brijuni Conference 2014 Program


Monday, August 25, 2014

 8.45-9.00         S. D. Bosanac: Introductory remarks

Chairman:       Hrvoje Buljan
09:00-09:40     Jean-Marie Lehn: Towards Complex Matter: Chemistry? Chemistry!
09:40-10:00     Discussion
10:00-10:40     Stephen Berry: Bridging the Macro and the Micro
10:40-11:00     Discussion
11:00-11:20     Coffee break
11:20-12:00     Jon Otto Fossum: Self-organization and emergent phenomena in one example soft matter system: Clay
12.00-12.20     Discussion


12:30               LUNCH AND BEACH DISCUSSIONS    


Chairman:       Hrvoje Fulgosi
17:30-18:10     Peter Walde: The self-organization of amphiphilic molecules into polymolecular aggregates: general concepts and emergent properties
18:10-18:30     Discussion
18:30-18:50    Franjo Sokolić: The Structural Organization of Liquids: Do we understand the Behavior of Water and Aqueous Solutions?
18:50-19:10     Discussion


20:00               DINNER


Chairman:       Harry Kroto
21:00               Michael Ramek: Homo Ludens: Learning by Playing

22:00+             Sky gazing through telescope


 Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chairman:       Jose Luis Ortiz
09:00-09:40     Alexander Vilenkin: Eternal inflation and the beginning of the universe
09:40-10:00     Discussion
10:00-10:40     Vernesa Smolčić: The cosmic evolution of galaxies
10:40-11:00     Discussion
11:00-11:20     Coffee break
11:20-12:00     Joe Silk: From dark matter to black holes
12:00-12:20     Discussion

12:30               LUNCH

Chairman:       Martin Quack
14:00-14:40     Hrvoje Buljan: Lorentz-Doppler force and artificial
magnetism in classical atomic gases
14:40-15:00     Discussion
15:00-15:40     Mordechai Segev: Photonic Topological Insulators
15:40-16:00     Discussion


16:00-20:00     BEACH DISCUSSIONS
20:00               DINNER


Chairman:       Milan Randić
21.00               Harry Kroto: From Exameter Scale to Nanometer Scale and Back Again



Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chair:       Vernesa Smolčić
09:00-09:40     Jose Luis Ortiz: Rings in non-planetary bodies
09:40-10:00     Discussion
10:00-10:40     Sydney Leach: Origins of Life: An outsiders view
10:40-11:00     Discussion
11:00-11:20     Coffee break
11:20-12:00     Rudi Grimm: Ultracold Fermi gases
12:00-12:20     Discussion

12:30               LUNCH AND AFTERNOON FREE
20:00               DINNER


Chairman:       Danko Bosanac
21.00               John Murrell: Motivation and Rewards for Academic Scientists



Thursday, August 28, 2014

Special session for students:

Chairman:       John Murrell
09:00-09:40    Harry Kroto: How to Survive
09:40-10:00    Discussion

10:00-12:00    Poster session:

  1. Marijana Marković: Quantum chemical study of bis(l-threoninato)copper(II) and bis(l-allo-threoninato)copper(II) as isolated complexes
  2. Martina Požar: Self-organisation in liquid mixtures
  3. Dijana Vrbanec: Cross-correlation between 21 cm signal from epoch of reionization and Lyman Alpha Emitters
  4. Petra Vizjak: Screening for leukemia specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes in transplanted patients with AML and CLL
  5. Milija Jovičić: Scaling laws in cities
  6. Mate Jagnjić: The emergence of probability in quantum mechanics
  7. Stefan Cikota: A search for active Main Belt asteroids
  8. Aleksandar Cikota: Meteor trails observed by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Chairman:       John Murrell

12:00-12:40     Veljko Zlatić: Mass and heat transport in large systems
12:40-13:00     Discussion


Chairman:       Tomaž Pisanski
17:30-18:00     Ticijana Ban: Frequency comb induced radiative force on cold rubidium atoms
18:00-18:30     Roman Jerala: Topology guiding the self-assembly of designed proteins
18:30-19:10    Vesna Svetličić: Marine polysaccharide networks: self-assembly vs. self-organization revealed by atomic force microscopy 

20:00               DINNER

22:00+             Sky gazing through telescope



Friday, August 29, 2104

Chairman:       Rudi Grimm
09:00-09:40     Hrvoje Fulgosi: Photosynthesis
09:40-10:00     Discussion
10:00-10:40     Martin Quack: Molecular Parity Violation and the Emergence of Homochirality in the Evolution of Life
10:40-11:00     Discussion
11:00-11:20     Coffee break
11:20-12:00     Arne Skjeltorp: Self organization and pattern formation of micro- and nanoparticle in fluids induced by external fields
12.00-12.20     Discussion


Chairman:       Sydney Leach
17:30-18:10     Ana Proykova: Order-disorder transitions in finite-size clusters of objects
18:10-18:30     Discussion
18:30-19:10     Tomaž Pisanski: An interplay between topological graph theory and synthetic biology
19:10-19:30     Discussion


20:00               DINNER



Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chairman:       Steve Berry
09:00-09.40     Ada Yonath: What was first, the genetic code or its products?
09:40-10:00     Discussion
10:00-10:40     Danko Bosanac: The limits in science
10:40-11:00     Discussion
11:10              Closing remarks and departure